She Gets Girls Everyday. – c001 (v01) [Pan-Paca-Pan]


Here’s chapter 1 of muku’s new-ish series, started by him after Nyoroko was axed by CUNE.

The official English translation of the name they used is quite different from what it actually says in Japanese. A more literal translation would be something like “Today, as always, she has captured a girl”. I had this page ready and everything until the tank was released with the official name…

We’ll be working on this series and Nyoroko from now on. If you’re here for Pan de Peace, sorry.

JP Title: 今日も女の子を攻略した。第1話


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Nyoroko’s Live Broadcasting! – c007 (v01) [Pan-Paca-Pan]


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The new muku series we previewed like six months ago (RIP) is having its first volume released in a few days. We’ll probably release it in around a week for real this time. Maybe. Here are a few more pages:

Preview 1 (from the old post)

Preview 2

Preview 3

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Back to Nyoroko:

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