Nyoroko’s Live Broadcasting! –
Volume 1 (c001-c010x1)


Volume 1 done after 2 years. We’re halfway there!

With this batch, all of Nyoroko is released at x3000px height up from x2000px before. Your preferred image viewer (or online reader) should scale to your screen size automatically and it doesn’t take up that much more space.

After the break, there’ll be some TL notes (basically untranslatable shit) for those curious and also the DDL link.

50 000 yen is around $450 USD.

150 000 yen is around $1350 USD. She is loaded, in many ways.

She tries to describe her broadcast as “homely” but slips up and calls it “extreme” instead.


A user on the stream says “wakotsu” (TLed as “grats”) which is a term used on Nico Nico to congratulate the streamer on getting a “slot”. However, with slots no longer being used, it’s nowadays used as a general greeting on streams. The teacher uses it wrong and becomes known as Grats-Sensei (Wakotsu-Sensei).

“Slots” were used in the past on Nico Nico when there were limited streaming slots available. A streaming slot lasted 30 minutes by default and could be extended by paying.



Volume 1 DDL (193.5MB)

Dynasty-scans (Chapter 10) | Mangadex (Chapter 10)

Dynasty-scans (Chapter 10×1 bonus) | Mangadex (Chapter 10 bonus)

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